Ray Langenbach

Ray Langenbach creates conceptual performances, convenes gatherings, documents and writes on cultural theory, performance and queer culture. He has presented his work at Whitney Museum of Art, National Centre for the Arts Mumbai, India, Artspace, Sydney, Asia Pacific Triennale, Werkleitz Biennial, Gwangju Biennale, Malaysia National Art Gallery, Singapore International Festival of the Arts with Loo Zihan, Singapore Art Museum, National Gallery of Art Singapore, Kiasma Museum, Helsinki, Future of Imagination Festival (Singapore), Asiatopia (Bangkok), La Cite, Paris, La Bas Performance Art Festival, Cattle Depot Artists Village, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Art Centre, and Park 19 Artist Village, Guangzhou, China. His writings on SE Asian performance, propaganda and visual culture and have appeared in Performance Research, Oxford Dictionary of Performance, Mediating Malaysia: Media, Culture & Power in Malaysian Society (Yeo, Routledge 2010), Rigorous and Compassionate Listening, Dialogical Writing on Site-Specific Art (Kantonen, KUVA, 2010), Contesting Performance: Emerging Sites of Research with Rae (Palgrave 2009/2012), Histories, Practices, Interventions: A Reader in Singapore Contemporary Art (ICA, LaSalle, 2016), Narratives In Malaysian Art Vols. 3 (2015) & 4 (2017). Langenbach is Professor of Performance Art and Theory, Live Art and Performance Studies, Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki.