MAP 2: Communities


TROI OI (Sung Tieu & Nhu Duong), 2014; photo by Ilya Lipkin


MAP2: Communities returns to the immigrant-rich area of Deptford with an artist residency programme that is based around the idea of the artist as living archivist of personal and collective memories. The residency provides an artist the opportunity to connect with the cultural communities in Deptford, London.

Artist Sung Tieu will develop over the one-month residency a writing project where she will spend time in the local shops, restaurants, parks and community centers in Deptford to engage with the local Vietnamese community by means of conversation. A vocal archive of memories will be created and developed through Tieu’s writing to create new works of prose. Tieu takes on the role of storyteller, alongside a self-reflexive consideration of her own positioning and the writing process itself. Engaging with her own migrant background the resulting texts will bring together the collective experiences of her and the people she will meet across first, second and younger generations that would feed in towards her artistic process for creating performance.

Look out for these activities that will be free and open to the public in Deptford:

6 October 2017, 12.00-4.00pm
Writing workshop, Deptford Lounge
Free, places are limited so book your space here

12 October 2017, 7.00-9.00pm
Screening programme, Deptford Lounge
Co-curated by Sung Tieu, Do Tuong Linh, Tram Phuong Nguyen, and Something Human
Free, places are limited so book your space here

20-21 October 2017, times tbc
Reading events at other public local spaces, Free

28 October 2017, 4.00-5.00pm
Public reading event, Deptford Lounge, Free



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