A Sorting Exercise

4 November 2017, 12.00-7.00pm, Live Art Development Agency
Participatory workshop by Loo Zihan & Ray Langenbach

This 90-minute workshop is derived from a pedagogical exercise that was developed by Ray Langenbach and Loo Zihan along with other members of the LGB Society of Mind as part of ‘I am LGB’ – a performance that was commissioned and presented at the Singapore International Festival of Arts in 2016.

How do objects speak? What is our phenomenological relationship with them and how do they related to each other and their human counterparts? Through as series of conversations about a group of objects we will reflect on how we construct and transmit information and knowledge through these material vessels.

In line with the conference topic, participants are to bring a couple of objects that they would associate and identify with the notion of ‘South East Asia’. The objects should not be documents / texts / books and has to be physical objects. There is no restriction on the size of the objects as long as you can bring them to the venue. Participants are to be mindful that the objects will be handled and passed around during the workshop, and will be returned to their respective owners at the end of the workshop.